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Guide On How to make your teeth stronger and healthier

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You are standing in front of a mirror and you realize you are not satisfied with your smile due to poor teeth, it may be color or any other reason but ultimately poor teeth is a result of neglecting oral hygiene. Your bad teeth can hurt your personality whether you are in professional meetings or casual parties. Protecting and getting healthier teeth is not a one day process you have to maintain consistency in oral hygiene and take care of your teeth on daily basis. Poor oral hygiene not only damages your teeth but also your organs, it can lead to digestion issues and other health problems so it’s pivotal to take care of your teeth and gums.Poor oral hygiene can lead to tooth loss, gum issues and bad breath.So we come up with a guideline on “How to make your teeth stronger and healthier” which will surely help you a lot.

Ultimate Guide On How to make your teeth stronger and healthier:


Here are some of the things you must practice for healthier teeth


How to make your teeth stronger and healthier

Mouthwash is part of your oral hygiene it helps in eliminating germs and protects your teeth. Do some research which mouthwash fits you and visit some online shopping websites to get an idea of different brands offering mouthwash and other oral care products. Mouthwash not only helps you eliminate germs but also helps in getting rid of bad breath.


Brushing your Teeth:

Brush two times a day and doing it at night is very important for your oral care because while sleeping there is less production of saliva and cleaning your teeth before bed avoids acids which leads to tooth decay.


Use proper technique for brushing most of the people are not aware of the correct technique so go through some dental videos to learn the proper technique which covers the overall mouth. Usually, a 45-degree angle is used for brushing and in slow motion to clean teeth.

Toothbrush Type:

Remember to use a correct type of toothbrush, we all have different teeth structure and type, people neglect the fact but you should consult your dentist in next visit and ask about a suitable brush type for you. Teeth is also a beauty factor for people.

Brush your tongue:

Brushing your tongue is important don’t forget to do that, it prevents bad breath and removes bacteria. If you are a smoker you might have noticed after smoking at night you have a yellowish tongue in the morning that’s caused by smoking which is very dangerous and smokers must brush their tongue before going to bed, it will help in removing nicotine from your tongue.

Avoid unnecessary sugar beverages:

People are crazy about the soft drink but the truth is, it is one of the most harmful things which contributes to ruining your tooth color and leads to tooth decay. Go for water which is a healthier option. Avoid beverages with artificial color because of no one like discolored teeth.

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Calcium intake:

You must have read so many blogs about calcium intake but here is something new for you. First things first, get a calcium test and get to know about yourself whether you have sufficient calcium or not? Most of the people don’t, so once you get an idea about your calcium levels eat foods that are rich in calcium but if you lacking too much on calcium in your body then do consult a doctor because this could be alarming and lack of calcium not only effects your teeth but the overall body.

Final Verdict:

I am finished with my writing. Please like and share this if you find it helpful. And comment here to share your thoughts with us.

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