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Best Yoga Straps Reviews – 2018

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Are you Passionate about Yoga? Then you would agree with me that the yoga practice is not complete without the best yoga straps.

From the ancient times, Yoga is a very popular in keeping the human body physically and mentally fit. With the passage of time, different yoga accessories invent to make the yoga practice simpler and stress-free. The yoga strap is one of the yoga accessories that help a lot in yoga practice. In this content, we share a practical review on yoga straps to help you understand it in detailing and help you to choose best yoga straps for you.

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What is a Yoga Strap?

Yoga straps are one of the essential and popular yoga accessories that are made of elastic or non-elastic fabrics, mostly nylon or cotton, helps yogis of all level. It helps you to assume and maintain challenging poses that might be impossible without it.

yoga strap

Yoga straps are mainly popular in Iyengar yoga poses to maintain proper alignment.

Yoga strap comes in different color, and the standard length of yoga strap is 6 feet. But some yogis having long legs and torsos may need longer than 6 feet straps, which is also available.

Comparison Table of Yoga Straps For Quick Selection


Clever Yoga Strap

  • Editor Rating

    Brand: Clever Yoga

  • Features

    • Multi-purpose and Premium in quality
    • Non-slippery and strong
    • Comes With “Namaste” warranty
  • This yoga strap is best in every cases. It is the single product in market which has no bad reviews.

Gaiam Strap & Block Combo

  • Editor Rating

    Brand: Gaiam

  • Features

    • Help In Gaining Flexibility
    • Come with Block
    • High-quality Cotton With D-ring Buckle
  • Looking for Budget Friendly Yoga strap from a renowned brand? Then this is best for you.

YogAccessories D-Ring Buckle Yoga Strap

  • Editor Rating

    Brand: YOGAaccessories

  • Features

    • Build With Premium Quality Materials
    • Excellent grip
    • Suitable for any yogis
  • It is suitable for all yogis.

Gaiam Eco-Conscious Yoga Strap

  • Editor Rating

    Brand: Gaiam

  • Features

    • Help In Gaining Flexibility
    • Cheaply but branded yoga strap
    • High-quality Cotton With D-ring Buckle
  • Looking for low cost Yoga strap from a renowned brand? OK it is just for you.

The Benefits of Using a Yoga Strap

The yoga strap is useful for both beginner and seasoned practitioner. Here we present some major benefits of Yoga strap.

Best Fit for Beginners:

The yoga strap is a must accessory for beginners. If you are new to yoga practice, it will help you in developing flexibility as well as maintain body alignment.

Help in Home practice:

With the help of yoga strap, you can practice without your partner at your home or any place. You do not need any help to do different and difficult yoga poses if you know how to use yoga strap completely.

Better Balance as well as Support:

Do you want to gain better balance in yoga? Then yoga strap is must for you. There are many yoga poses need support for maintaining balance and a yoga strap can help you achieve this balance.

Help in Limb Extension:

For both standing forward bend exercise and seated forward bend exercise, it helps a lot.

Beside this, it also helps in other poses like bridge position and plows position.

Help to maintain Correct Form and Alignment and give security:

To maintain correct form and alignment, it is better to use yoga strap.

Please keep in mind that, in the beginning, while doing poses you may fall into injury. But you can decrease the risk of injury by using yoga strap. It will help you to avoid muscle pulling, overstretching your limbs and falling on the floor.

Track your progress:

You can track your progress simply with this. It will help you do more yoga poses and improve your flexibility as well.

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Yoga Strap – Buyer’s Guide

Actually, the process of finding the best yoga strap can be quite challenging. There are so many different brands, models and type of yoga strap in the market with its pros and cons. You will need to consider some factors so that you can find the best yoga strap. One of the ways that can help you find the best yoga strap by going through various yoga strap reviews on the internet.

But in this section, we try to make a list of considered criteria to create a guide to buying best yoga strap. Just follow our expert guides and tips below will help you to make an enlightened decision.

Size and Color:

Size is one of the first considerations to take a yoga strap. The universal size of yoga strap is 6 to 8 feet long and 1.5 inches wide. If you are short or medium in height, then this universal size is OK for you. And if you need a long strap, you will also find the long strap of 10 feet long.

Yoga straps come in different colors. So pick your favorite color in buying yoga strap.

Budget and security issue:

The yoga strap is not a very costly product. But sometimes people tend to buy cheap yoga strap. As it maintains the balance of your yoga poses as well as your body, so cheap yoga strap may break during the practice and do some serious damage. So keep away from the cheap strap and try to buy yoga strap from the renowned shop or online site.

Some yoga straps brand comes with the warranty. You can pick those.


Mostly yoga strap is made with elastic or non-elastic fabrics, mostly nylon or cotton. The yoga strap which is made of cotton is durable, breathable, and fully washable. And the straps which are made of nylon is stretchy, water resistant, and more durable than cotton. Both are better from their perspective; now you have to choose yours.


There are different types of yoga strap available on the market. They are Quick Release, D Ring, cinch buckles etc.

The most conventional types, D rings and cinch buckles are easy to use, and they give a secure fit.

But you should keep in mind that sometimes cinch buckles and D rings are made of cheap plastic or metal. Don’t buy this. A yoga strap which does not have a closure gives you the freedom to use your strap as you wish. Contact us if you face problem in choosing your yoga strap.

Reviews of Best Yoga Straps-2018

If you are looking for the high-rated yoga straps, then you are in the right place. We will provide you all the essential information, which will help you, make the best decision on the quality yoga strap. We will review different models of yoga strap and give you valuable information, to aid your decision-making.

Gaiam yoga straps

Are you looking for a budget-friendly yoga strap from an established and reliable manufacturer? Then Gaiam yoga straps are just for you. Gaiam offers simple yoga straps which feature durability and flexibility in doing any poses. Gaiam Strap & Block Combo and Gaiam Eco-Conscious Organic Cotton Yoga Strap are two best models from Gaiam which offers almost same features with some little differences. Let’s see which one is best for you.



Low Cost Yoga Strap

Though those two models are budget friendly but Gaiam Eco Conscious Organic Cotton Yoga Strap is less costly than other ones.

Gaiam Strap & Block Combo comes with a block that helps a lot. So the difference in cost doesn’t hurt you. You can get this combo for about the same price, you’d normally pay for a strap alone. 



Block is an important element in doing different yoga poses. Gaiam Strap & Block Combo Includes a block

Best Yoga Block

Yoga Block

 to increase the flexibility of body and make difficult poses more accessible.

Actually, the combo of block and strap is the most important feature that differences this from other yoga straps. So this one is a highly recommended.

But Gaiam Eco-Conscious Organic Cotton Yoga Strap doesn’t come with a block. But you can buy a block if you need this. It will ease your yoga practice for sure.

High-quality cotton with D-ring buckle:

Those two yoga straps are made from high quality 100% cotton which offers durability. Most of the people mainly like it as it is made with organic cotton – and most often it’s a major factor for people who practice yoga.

D-ring Buckle of yoga strap

D-ring Buckle

Both also have a D-ring buckle which can help a lot in doing different statures and poses easily and give some security. Those D-rings are sturdy and do not let the strap slip when you put pressure on them.




Both the yoga strap helps you to gain flexibility. You can stretch further and maintain your poses and flexibility by using those yoga straps.

But Gaiam Strap and Block Combo have some little benefits over the other one as it comes with the block to ensure some extra flexibility.


Length and color:


The length of this two yoga straps is 6 ft long. It may be a little on the thin side, but not that thin to worry about it.

Gaiam may disappoint you because of their lack of color option. Gaiam Strap & Block Combo comes in two color –Grey and Purple where Gaiam Eco has just the Grey color option.

Overall Pros:

  • Made with organic cotton
  • Easy-release and no slipping of string with durable D-rings
  • Works well with the most dangerous and challenging poses

Final verdict:

Both the yoga straps are equally good and you can buy any of this. But if you take my opinion then I will recommend for Gaiam Strap & Block Combo as it offers little more than other ones.

Best yoga straps

Our Chosen Giam yoga straps

YogaAccessories D-Ring Buckle Cotton Yoga Strap

Are you looking for a high-quality cotton yoga strap with a strong build quality, smooth and suitable for all yogis? Then “Yoga Accessories D-Ring Buckle Cotton Yoga Strap” is the best for you. It comes with the basic features like gaining flexibility or gripping as well as with anti-slip buckle to lock in place and prevents it from loosening. If any question arises in your mind regarding this yoga strap, it will clear after reading this review.

YogaAccessories D-Ring Buckle Cotton Yoga Strap

YogaAccessories D-Ring Buckle Cotton Yoga Strap

Build With Premium Quality Materials:

YogaAccessories D-Ring Buckle Cotton Yoga Strap is made from high-grade 100% cotton. It is soft and comfortable to touch.

durable metal buckle

Durable metal buckle

The strong metal D-ring is very strong, and you’ll most likely need too much strength to be able to break or bend it. This durable metal buckle will last for many years and it can be adjustable to do different statures and poses.

Excellent grip:

If you are a beginner or new to yoga then you may face problem in gripping the yoga strap but not with this yoga strap. It has an excellent grip to prevent slips during use.

It features an anti-slip buckle which locks in place and prevents it from loosening and so on.

 Different in size and color:

It comes in 3 sizes in the market – 6ft, 8ft and 10ft in lengths with a large selection of vibrant colors.

Different colors and size

Large Section of Color

 The universal size is 6ft which is most popular for the smaller and medium height people, but you are a taller and less flexible yogi, the 8ft and 10ft are also available in the market.

Best for any yogis – beginner to advance:

Best for any yogisIt suits any yogis – beginner, intermediate and advance. As its 1.5″ strap maximizes comfort to the top level while preventing constricted circulation. It also helps any yogis by giving strength their body, mind and spirit by adding a necessary belt to the yoga routine.


  • Available in different colors and sizes
  • Made of 100% cotton
  • The durable D-ring metal rings won’t break or bend
  • It helps to achieve your goal by making a pose attainable from the onset until flexibility is achieved

Final Verdict:

YogaAccessories D-Ring Buckle Cotton Yoga Strap has won the hearts of a lot of consumers with its high performance and user-friendly nature. Now time is yours.

Clever Yoga Strap

The clever yoga strap is one of the best long lasting yoga straps that is made from top quality durable cotton. We choose this product in our top 5 list as it has some important features like durability, non-slippery in nature, different size to fit any yogi and different color with lifetime warranty etc. to make it more suitable.

Clever Yoga Stap

Clever Yoga Stap

Multi-purpose yoga strap:

The clever yoga strap is a multi-purpose yoga strap that can be used in homes and outside also. You can use it in your home without any difficulty as it is handy and safe to use. Beside this, you can use it in the fitness center and yoga studio as well or physical therapy sessions.

Premium in quality:

It is made of 100% top quality cotton which is durable. To ensure its durability we make this strap with thick cotton and it will get soften over time with washing and regular use. It is an eco-friendly product which is safe for the body as well as mind and spirit. It is machine washable also.

Non-slippery and strong:

Clever Yoga Stap review

Non-slippery and strong

As the clever yoga strap is made of thick and durable cotton, it will not slip in doing any new poses you want. This is best fit for beginners to do basic poses, as well as Intermediate and advanced yogis, can use advanced poses and hold. It is also strong and last long.

Help in gaining flexibility:

Help in gaining flexibilityIt is very helpful in gaining flexibility. If you don’t have flexibility and face problem in doing poses, then it will make up the gap and you will easily do any poses. If you regularly use this to do simple stretches, your body will become flexible and supple.

Come in different length and color:

It comes in two different length – 8 feet and 10 feet. The 8ft strap is perfect for smaller & medium yogis and basic poses. And the 10ft strap is the best fit for

  • Taller yogis
  • Less-flexible yogis
  • People are looking for some advanced poses and wrapping.

“Namaste” warranty:

For customer satisfaction, this yoga strap comes with ‘Namaste’ warranty. If you are not 100% happy and satisfied and happy with this yoga strap, they will

  • Send you a free replacement
  • Give you a full refund without any condition.

If you want to know “Where will you use your ‘Clever Yoga’ Yoga Strap?” you can visit there Where to use Clever Yoga Strap.


  • Very simple and effortless to use and gain flexibility.
  • Help in connecting the appropriate limbs
  • Can be used in Physical Therapy sessions
  • Gain strength with the strap’s supportive resistance
  • Increase your balance
  • Help beginner in Natarajasana pose

Final Verdict:

It is our favorite yoga strap on this list. It will easily make you flexible. So if you want to go for this, just go ahead – don’t worry.

 Which is the Best Yoga Strap?

There’s no confusion that yoga straps can enrich your yoga practice. The yoga straps are perfect yoga accessories for any level yogis. If you are not using it already, you should consider using a yoga strap as soon as possible.

With all the factors and criteria highlighted above, finding the best yoga straps should be much easier. It’s very important to pay much attention to yoga strap reviews, especially reviews from the customer who already bought and used this particular product that you intend to buy.

Though all the yoga straps feature almost same thing but Clever Yoga Strap seems to win the contest as the customer satisfaction of this product is 100% and it offers some extra benefits also.

best yoga straps

We do hope that the information will help you make the best possible decision during the time of buying a yoga strap. If you find this post useful ,please like and share with your friends and family.  You can also give your opinion through your comment section; your valuable opinion always boost us. 


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